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A SEQUEL TO UIBA’S 1ST REPORT ON KUKAR BRIDGE COLLAPSE - Prof. Sohei Matsuno, Researcher Zul Hendri, IBA University, Palembang, Indonesia

<p>This is a sequel to the 1st paper of the same theme. The writer of this paper has asked the client of the independent study team of four-university coalition to open its report for cross-checks. He opens this paper as its counterpart. It elaborates the mechanism of hanger joints&rsquo; failure (a key issue of the Bridge collapse) with a joint restructured from applicable photos. The joints failed in two patterns, viz. fatigue due to alternating stress and break due to static stress. The former occurred at clamp-arm-connection shear pins of joints mostly in a middle third section of main-span cables. The latter happened at arm-anchor-connection parts of joints mostly in outer third sections of the main-span cables. The latter triggered the Bridge collapse. The collapse of Bridge&rsquo;s side-spans was the consequence of the main-span&rsquo;s collapse. It explains the sequence and mechanism of the Bridge collapse, and gives conclusions more concretely than the 1st paper. It shortens the explanations on, &lsquo;Lessons for Bridges in South Sumatra Province&rsquo; and data &lsquo;from internet&rsquo; to avoid reiterations of 1st paper&rsquo;s.</p><p>Full paper can be downloaded from Download Center of this website. <br /></p>