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A SEQUEL TO UIBA’S 1ST REPORT ON KUKAR BRIDGE COLLAPSE - Prof. Sohei Matsuno, Researcher Zul Hendri, IBA University, Palembang, Indonesia

This is a sequel to the 1st paper of the same theme. The writer of this paper has asked the client of the independent study team of four-university coalition to open its report for cross-checks. He opens this paper as its counterpart. It elaborates the mechanism of hanger joints’ failure (a key issue of the Bridge collapse) with a joint restructured from applicable photos. The joints failed in two patterns, viz. fatigue due to alternating stress and break due to static stress. The former occurred at clamp-arm-connection shear pins of joints mostly in a middle third section of main-span cables. The latter happened at arm-anchor-connection parts of joints mostly in outer third sections of the main-span cables. The latter triggered the Bridge collapse. The collapse of Bridge’s side-spans was the consequence of the main-span’s collapse. It explains the sequence and mechanism of the Bridge collapse, and gives conclusions more concretely than the 1st paper. It shortens the explanations on, ‘Lessons for Bridges in South Sumatra Province’ and data ‘from internet’ to avoid reiterations of 1st paper’s.

Full paper can be downloaded from Download Center of this website.